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Write the most important part of your research paper brilliantly

Usually when writing an essay, research or term paper or even a thesis, students usually don’t pay much attention to the conclusion because they think that the reader won’t spend much time on it. This is where they are wrong; while most good teachers read the whole thing (like an essay, paper, etc.) with utmost attention, some just skim through the whole thing and judge the entire thing on the conclusion. That is why the conclusion needs to be the strongest part of any written thing.

Because students are not aware of this fact, they usually don’t score high on their papers despite being quite good. So to avoid this, they turn to the online writing agencies looking for help With custom Paper writing. If they only spend five minutes reading the whole thing, then the students would notice too that it is the conclusion which lets them get a good score when they submit the paper they bought from a writing agency. And because the problem is so simple, students themselves can write splendid essays if they focus and give enough time to the conclusion of the paper.

Writing a strong and effective conclusion isn’t as tough as it seems. After all, there are writers who manage to do that without much difficulty. What it boils down to are a few simple steps mentioned here. So let’s take a look:

  1. Reiterating the introduction

That may sound like cheating, but it isn’t. Reiterating doesn’t mean that you have to copy and paste your introduction. You have to rephrase your introduction so that the whole research paper seems like a coherent thought instead of some jumbled up ideas. That’s the function of the conclusion-to tie everything together.

  1. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion

The conclusion in a research paper has to show your take, away from the whole matter. That is why, a strong and effective conclusion can also include your opinion. But be sure to base it on some logical evidence that can be supported by hard data that has been represented in the research. And don’t overdo it; stating your opinion in a concise way is one thing, pounding the reader in the head with it is entirely another-something which you should stay away from.

  1. If you don’t know the answer, then say so

Usually, researches only raise more questions than they answer. If that’s the case with your research and research paper, then you should tell the reader. You can guess something based on the data and you can even ask a question.  Suggesting a solution or an idea is also one way to write a conclusion. You just have to make sure that the conclusion ties everything together.

  1. End with a quotation

Quotations are the best way of ending a research paper. And because you can easily find quotes from famous persons on almost any topic, therefore it can be seen as the safest way. Just make sure that the quote that you are using is actually related to the research paper.

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