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We protect your confidential information with our privacy policy!

We feel honored that you have placed your trust in our service and provided us with your personal information. Your privacy protection and information security is a matter of great concern for us. Read our carefully formulated privacy policy to get a handle of how things work with us.

Credit card details:

We have devised policies through which misuse of your credit card details are absolutely zero. We do not save any data on our site. All the information is erased after the transaction is processed.

Personal information:

We ask for your name, contact information like email id and phone number, but this information is only used for the betterment and improvement of our services. We do not lend or sell any information to any un-authorized source.

Website links:

For your convenience, we provide some links to other websites here. We are, not in any way, responsible for their actions. Please make sure you understand their terms and conditions before utilizing their services.

Changes in the policy:

We advise you to go through our policy after regular intervals to be updated. We do not hold any responsibility to inform the clients before modifying or altering the policy, however, we shall always post the updated version on our website.