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Math anxiety is nothing more than a learned behavior

Do you ever feel a little wash out when you have to finish your math homework? You think that you are not good at math? And you keep failing in math test, then you have math anxiety. Math anxiety is a form of fear in which you feel hopeless that your brain is not made for math. You freak out and feel nervous while giving a math test.

The thing is that one can overcome the math anxiety, by practicing; develop study strategies, organizing yourself, use all your resources and develop a positive attitude.

Math anxiety is a behavior and it can be changed, following are a few suggestions to overcome the anxiety:

  1. Self Image: Researches have indicated that math fear is a result of your own self- talk and attitude. If you continuously keep telling yourself that you are not good at math, then your brain will accept this information and will start acting on it. So this block mainly comes from a person’s personal thinking and insecurities. It can be overcome by developing a positive attitude, think- I am trying and I will score good marks in math paper.
  2. The foundation is weak: It is the main cause of the block. There is a chance that you had not paid attention in math class when you were in primary and middle school. Now this stresses you out as you know that your basics are weak. This problem has an easy solution which is studying math books for lower grades, it will help you to cover all your basics and you will be surprised to see that there are a few concepts that you need to practice and other concepts will come to you easily.
  3. Participating in class: Participation in class discussion, giving answers to teachers’ questions, taking notes, paying attention and asking questions can help you in getting over your math block and you can always get help from your teachers by explaining your math anxiety.
  4. It’s boring: Many students complain that math is boring and it is not interesting. In fact, math is the most interesting subject as it has mystery, complexities which other subjects lack. If you are fond of mystery you can easily fall in love with math. Take math problems as un-solved mysteries.

Math block can be solved, first by accepting that you have a problem, then working towards it to solve it. Remember, every problem has a solution. So next time when you have a panic attack while giving math test, take a deep breath and say- I can do this. If it doesn’t work, then ask an expert- Write my custom research paper for me!

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