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Let your story be told, but don’t forget to narrate it well

Describing something well is an art in itself. Some writings require you narrate an event or describe something in such a manner that the audience has something to gain from it in the form of a lesson. Here are a few ways to improve your skills at narrating.

Choosing the right topic

Choosing the right topic for a narrative essay is critical because if you write about something that is of interest to you or holds some kind of meaning for you, it is likely that piece of writing is going to come out as very vivid and passionate. Since little or no research would be required for your topic and its contents, it is your own knowledge and experience that will help you write, so it is better to write about something against which you already have sound information. These essays basically test your creative writing ability and how well you can play with words. If you are given certain prompts and are required to write a story around those lines, then make sure you create a writing that goes with the given statement. Whatever topic you choose, make use of vibrant words and sentences in order to keep the writing alive and interesting.

Begin with the draft

It is best to start with an outline, identify the plot, main setting and jot down the main ideas and events you would like to mention in your essay. The logical order that your essay will follow must be specified in the beginning to make writing easier for you. Once the draft is ready, then the fun part starts where the elaboration of different ideas takes place with use of good vocabulary to make the writing fun and appealing.


Remain consistent

Consistency should be maintained throughout the essay and one viewpoint must be kept. This is important for the essay to make sense to the reader.

Review and close

Once your writing is completed, you would want to ask questions like, have all the important characters been mentioned? Did any other significant event happen? Does the whole story make sense from start till end? Is the start interesting? Did the close leave the impression that was intended? If you are satisfied with your work well and good, otherwise keep enough time to make changes here and there and spice up your writing in places where required.

Planning is the very initial step and stage for every process to start, if you are planning to start composing a narrative story, then organize for it. Make sure you have all the essentials required to make this successful recipe. Start by being mentally prepared, if you are ready for this action within your mind, then there is no need to move ahead. So motivation is the first step to start with. Look for options around you and seek for titles and topics on which you can compose a narrative story. Choose your stance and begin writing on it. Make sure to start with a rough piece which is also known as the outline, as it helps and assists the writer to open their minds towards more positive approaches and gives them ideas that are constructive. Take a break in between if you feel tired or mentally exhausted, this is also known as the writer’s block. Make sure you take some time off when you lack creativity and innovation within your mind. Look for options that are surrounding you and take inspiration from them.

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