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4 Ways to make an effective story

Writing a story is just like drawing a painting. It requires a writer to understand the dynamism involved, the characters, the plot and everything that makes a story complete. Story writing is also very different to general academic writing. Many students confuse the two and think that both are written in the same manner just because their structure is same, but this is not the case.

Writing a story is something that requires you to be extremely imaginative and not just plain words. It has to be strong enough to develop interest and connection amongst the readers. Unlike a custom paper your effective story will have a lot of emotional appeal. We will suggest four ways to make a story very effective from the reader’s point of view.

Use all five senses and beyond

Now the art of using all five senses in a story is something which is very advanced and needs to be learnt. There are many tutorials out there that can teach you on how to strongly communicate the use of five senses within a story through words. Some writers are such an expert that they also use the attitude, body language and other aspects of a human and make the story extremely sensational as well as full of emotional feelings or connection. This is what makes a story amazingly great.

Do not use vocabulary just to show off

Story writing can also be very simple. If you have a limited vocabulary, then do not forcefully use words that make no sense in a sentence or make it difficult to understand your sentences. Keeping your story simple can help you keep its shape, beauty and the level of understanding high.

Show your passion

A story should always have your passion somewhere hidden within the lines. No story is complete if it is not written with perfect emotions, imagination and passion. These three elements make up a great foundation for a perfect story. You as a writer should be trained enough to combine all three elements within your writing.

Balance the story line

A story is effective and great when it has a balanced amount of emotions. Even in a tragic plot, you can create moments of laughter, joy or relaxation. So always make sure your storyline is balanced when it comes to weighing emotions. This will create further interest among your readers and a really good connection.

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